Manufacture diameters:

3” to 4”

4” to 5”

5” to 6”

6” to 7”

7” to 8”

8” to 9”

General tolerance: +-1mm.

Electrical networking: plates are manufactured of 1” × ½” × ¼”

Telephone networking: plates are manufactured of 1” × ½” × 3/16”.

Are manufacture of 1 outlet, 2 outlets or without outlet, to specify 4” to 5”, it mean that 4” is the minimum dimension which the clamp working fine.


The pole clamp is a hardware that is conformed for two semi-circular metallic plates united at their ends with screws and nuts for the respective subject. Used to establish and sustain the suspension cable or messenger in the post.The clamps are manufactured in various sizes and can be without outlet, 1 outlet and of 2 outlets, depending on the size and location of the pole.The clamps are manufactured in low-carbon steel and hot-galvanized, high corrosion resistance, meeting the technical and functional specifications required by national and international standards.

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