IDC Block Pair to Subscriber

 IDC Block Pair to Subscriber

Insulation Resistance: 10,000 M Ohm Min.

Contact Resistance: 5 m Ohm maximun

Standard ICONTEC: NTC 3605

Dielectric strength: 3000 V rms, 60 Hz / 60 sec

Cable rush line (center): Twisted Cable black colored

Conductor diameter: Ø 0643 to Ø 1.02 (AWG 22 – 18), up to 3 mm jacket

Inside Line subscriber (Output): white duplex cable

Diameter of conductor: 0.4 to Ø Ø .643 (26-22 AWG) up to 2.4 mm Jacket


The block of a pair for subscriber is designed to serve as a connection between the subscriber network and the internal network at home. Is an IDC connection, fully reentrable NOT require the use of special tools.

The connection of incoming and outgoing pairs is performed by a tab is removed by prying with a screwdriver blade, the torque is introduced by the guidelines unpeeled and press tab again with your thumb.


By design, provide adequate protection to the internal components against environmental conditions such as rain, humidity, dust, ultraviolet rays, among others.

They are resistant to corrosion and impact.

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