Modular Boxes Dispersion 20 PS IDC SX V2

 Modular Boxes Dispersion 20 PS IDC SX V2

The housing consists of a base and a cover gray or black, PS 20-PS for self-extinguishing polycarbonate.
The connection modules are made of polycarbonate.

IDC Technology on both the network and the subscriber side, phosphor copper contacts nickel – tin.
The modules are attached to standard DIN mounting rails 35.

The pairs are properly numbered 1-5 / 6-10 allowing for clear identification.
Yarnfingers packaging material has soft PVC cable entry that protect the inside of the box.

Connect wire with copper conductor dropwire ø0.6 ø0.8 jacket to max. ø2.4, and network cable with copper conductor jacket ø0.4 to ø0.6 ø0.6-O1 (dimensions in mm).

Allows you to protect each pair, using pole arresters. The box comes with a plastic clamp that allows quick and easy insertion of the arresters.
The box is self-extinguishing, resistant to corrosion.


The contact point is protected from the environment by a special compound and design supports a minimum of 100 operations without deterioration.

Central-side contact and the subscriber’s side are one body, which ensures that there is always connection between the two points.

The subscriber side connection is highly secure because it has two contact points in each pair.
The contact module allows cutting and test the line without touching the connections, the system has been designed so that the connector module is operated with a single blade screwdriver.
Supports category 5 speed transmission.

With gas arresters: Red Pin
Without unloading gas: Peg Gray
Dielectric strength: 3000 V rms, 60 Hz / 60 sec
Standard ICONTEC: NTC 3605, 3608
Conductor diameter copper network cable: 0.6 mm Ø0.4 a jacket or 0.6 to O1.2 (AWG 26-22)
Cross cable: 0.8 mm Ø0.6 jacket to max. Ø 3.5 to Ø1 (AWG.22 20)

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