The sectioner or switch ON-OFF is used to energize or de-energize the pedestal type transformer or the maneuver box. It’s a device used in the radial pedestal type transformers and it is placed in series with the winding and the high voltage insulators. Externally it has an actioner knob which is placed in the high voltage compartment.
It accomplish all the requirements of the norm ANSI/IEEE standard C 37.71 y c 37.72.
Nominal Current: 300 Amp rms continuous.

Short duration current 12000 Amp rms symmetric for 10 cycles.
19200 Amp rms asymmetrical for 10 cycles.
300 Amp of switch current.
Magnetized interruption current 10.5 Amp
Cable feed stock current 20 Amp

Nominal kind of voltage 38 KV
Maximum voltage phase to phase 38 KV
Maximum voltage phase to ground 21.9 KV
AC Voltage to 60 Hz supported during 1 minute 70 KV
Basic level of insulating to BIL impulse and with full wave crest 150 KV
DC voltage supported during 15 minutes 103 KV
Minimum tension of discharge extinction or crown 26 KV.

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