Our Company

We are a metal-mechanic Company with over 35 years in the market. We fabricate and distribute products for telecommunications, energy, accessories for artificial lifts with ESP pumps, progressive cavity and a wide range of services.

Our Philosophy, for over 35 years in the market, has been supply products of excellent quality, firmly integrating all our systems of production, always focused on satisfying the needs of our clients and providing comprehensive care throughout the marketing process; we are certified under the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


Keep the competitiveness of our company through the continued improvement of the processes and the satisfaction of the market, offering telephonic, electric and metal-mechanic elements, providing guarantees of accomplishment of the specifications, time limits and post-selling services, generating benefits to the interested parts.


We initiated industrial labor in 1969 under social reason of INDUSTRIAS SIMEGA, LTDA, orientating our activity to supply parts for the rising national auto-motor industry; one year later we venture in the fabrication of products extern telephonic plant, actual line of our production for the telecommunication sector.
In 1977 we changed our social reason to SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL METAL ELECTRICA-SIMELCA LTDA, today, recognized internationally under the joint stock company.
SIMELCA S.A.S is a Colombian manufacturer company located in the city of Medellin in Antioquia, which attend the market of the industrial sector in metal-mechanics, plastics and electrics; we are recognized for satisfying the expectations of the clients in the national and international market, giving fulfillment to their specifications, time, guarantee and post-service sales.

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